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MES curriculum – A non-textbook approach part 2

Listen to the show.

Mark has added some phonics games for students at Fun Fonix.com.
This show discusses MES-English.com‘s curriculum for young learners. This is the second part of teaching without a textbook or teaching oral English only.  For the first episode of this check here.

The curriculum covers core sections:

  • content – vocabulary
  • target language – phrases, questions, speech acts …
  • running content – more lengthy topics
  • TPR – vocabulary introduction
  • Phonics – phonics, reading, spelling …

Mark covers Units 4-6, explaining what vocabulary he uses for the content section, why he chooses those and how they work to achieve the target language goals for each unit, and how those vocabulary units tie into the target language.  There are also a few ideas for practicing the different parts.
The materials for this curriculum are all available for free from MES-English.com.

We’d love to hear how you use you MES-English resources or your own curriculum ideas. Post them here or over at the ESL Teacher Talk forums. Ask questions or leave comments about the show. You can also just pop-in and introduce yourself. We’d love to know who’s listening.

Thanks for listening!

Game of the Week: Flashcards and Board Games
This is an activity for making a board game more of a conversational activity.  Using a board game for practicing simple vocabulary or one taget language and combining that with another target language to form mini-speech acts.  This is a great activity for changing a board game into a communicative activity and is useful for adults down to elementary school students.  You can make boardgames here and get free printable flashcards here.
We hope it helps.  Happy teaching!