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Explaining activities just using English

Listen to the show.
This show Mark explains some new features to the free word search maker at Tools for Educators.  It really makes a word search a worksheet but keeps it fun.  Matt has opened a new website Kids English Books.com and there you can find simple stories to download or use online.
This week’s show deals with how to explain activities just using English, without translating or using L1.  There are several reasons you might not use the students L1:

  • you can’t speak the language
  • you have a mixed background class (many L1s)
  • your administration forbids the use of the students native language
  • you simply decide it’s best for the students

If you fit into any of these categories, this show might be helpful.
Mark and Matt cover ideas on how to get explain games or activities without translating.  There are examples on how to explain some tradition American kids games, ideas for beginner classes, advice on how to strip activities down but still provide structure for learning, advice for more complicated games, higher level students and ideas on how to do this with large groups.

We also briefly cover some of the benefits to using an all-English explanation in your lessons.

A couple games were mentioned in the show: Go Fish and Get Four.
If you have any additions, questions or comments on the show please post them here or over at the ESl teacher Talk forums.  We’re listening!

Game of the Week: What’s your name musical chairs

This week Matt brings us the GOTW.  It’s an interesting twist on musical chairs and provides a fun way to get students up, moving and engaged in the language.  While it sounds like a children’s game, there are a few variations discussed that create some great ways to practice with higher level students and adult groups.  We hope you can use it.
Thanks for listening!