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Teaching Phonics – spelling and order (Part 1)

Listen to the show.

It’s tough to cover all of phonics, but Mark and Ron give it a shot. The show takes a look first at spelling through the ages and why English spelling is the monster it is.  There are a lot of things that have happened within English spelling over the past 1000 years.  Mark goes through a few of the things that have had a big impact on English spelling.

Hopefully the lecture doesn’t lose you and you continue listening for part one of teaching order. While order is a widely debated, we will go ahead and give you our take on it and why.

We’ll be back with part two of teaching order in the next show.

Discuss the show at the ESL Teacher Talk forums  (register with this VIP code: 7575)

Game of the Week: Word Baseball

Ron gives us a great game this week, Word Baseball. You can use it in your phonics lesson or it can be adapted to other lessons.  It requires little to no preparation and can be used on the fly if you need more practice or need to fill some extra time.