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Teaching Thematic Units

Listen to the show.

Matt has added some new simple easy songs for 1-3 year old classes.
Mark and Matt cover creating thematic units.  This show covers what a thematic unit is, what the goals of a thematic unit should be, and what you need to get your thematic unit off the ground.

Mark covers the city, food and animals as examples of thematic units and we hope that gives you so ideas for introducing vocabulary, working in target language, and working in role-plays.  There are also some discussion on the benefits and reasons behind why a thematic unit is beneficial.

If you have some ideas to add or questions about the show, please post your questions and comments here or at  the ESL Teacher Talk Forums.

Game of the Week:  a Shopping Game

This is a game that can be worked into thematic units such as shopping!  Using flashcards or slips of paper with items written on the cards and play money, students have to buy and sell items using language centered around shopping and bargaining.