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Planning an event, show, or presentation

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Happy New Year!  We’re back and we hope everyone has had a great holiday.  Ron’s in Tailand and Mark is freezing in Nagano.  The idea of enjoying winter and getting out in the snow came up, but …
This show deals with putting together an ESL event, show, or presentation for your school or the parents.  It can seem like a lot to ask, because you are often give little or no direction.

We go over some options for content, what to do, what you might not want to do, options for content and some of the things Ron and Mark have done.  We offer ideas for elementary school, junior high
Putting on shows is actually fun.  Trust me.  It’s actually great once it’s over so if you get a performance dumped in your lap, we hope you embrace the opportunity to put on a Christmas Pirate Adventure!

Mark actually disagrees with putting on shows, presentations and events.  That part didn’t quite make it into the show,but if you’re wanting to know why, hop over to the ESL Teacher Talk forums at MES-English.com and ask what that’s all about.

Game of the Week: Guess Who

Ron has brought a game for any level, but best for 10 and up.  There’s little preparation necessary; a set of questions and a sheet of paper for everyone.   There’s some writing involved and several different variations to spice up the game.  Good for large groups, but can be adapted to smaller groups.  Enjoy!