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Writing up a lesson plan

Listen to the show.

This week’s show deals with creating a lesson plan.

  • requirements for a lesson plan
  • why you should have a lesson plan
  • what goes into a lesson plan
  • the lesson plan as a record for other teachers
  • tips for adding to your plan while it’s in action
  • sample lesson plans from Mark and Ron
  • ending the lesson

Sorry, a short and sweet write-up of the show.

Game of the week: King Me

A fun game for large classes, small groups, children or adults. A game for everyone. You’ll need a set of flashcards, but you’ll need to get on the photocopier and make a few different versions of the cards. You’ll need some space, but it’s a fun game.

This is a variation of a game submitted to the MES-English forums http://www.mes-english.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1684#5282

I hope you enjoy it!