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Organization on the job

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Merry Christmas! This will be the last podcast of 2007 and we wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mark has a lot of news this show.

Hospital English.com has been updated!  I’m sure everyone was waiting for this and it has come.  There are a bunch of new materials on there for teachers.  So, if you teach medical professionals check it out!  Or if you just want to increase traffic to that site by 20%, please visit the site!
There are a lot of new Christmas resources at MES-English.com and in the MES Network.

Dream English.com has written a version of Jingle Bells that’s free to download and use in you classes.  The song has a vocabulary practice section that matches the vocabulary in the MES-English Christmas flashcards.  Use them together had spice up you Christmas lessons.

The actual show this week is on organization.  We give you some tips on how to organize flashcards, students’ homework, textbooks, CDs, worksheets, the paper tiger, your classroom, lesson plans, and more.

If you spend a little time using these organizational tips, you can save yourself a lot more time at work.

Game of the Week: A Day at School

A board game that allows you to practice a great variety of different target languages.  Check out the game and download the game board and cards here A Day at School

You can alter the game and make it into an ESL RPG game with elves and dwarves fighting each other in the hallway, take points, earn special armor …