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the Direct Method and You!

Listen to the show.

In a quick intro to the show, we find out Mark is ecstatically jubilant this week. Things are fabulously wonderful in Japan. Find out why.

Continuing with teaching methods, this week’s show is about the Direct Method. Mark and Ron will run down for you what the direct method is, how it was used and why.

We may give the Direct Method a bit of a hard time in the beginning, but all methods have merit and many things you can use and things you probably already use come from the Direct Method. There are a lot of great things you get from it. Mark and Ron put forth a few ideas of what parts of the method you can use in your classes tomorrow. I’m going to say ‘use’ one more time. Basically, things you can use.

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Game of the Week: Story Differences

It works just like find the difference pictures. Students have two versions of one story and they need to find the differences by discussing their stories. It’s a great speaking and negotiating activity. Students need to practice verifying information or expressing differences of opinion. Enjoy!