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The last minute class. Ahh!

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This might be the last podcast that opens with a Halloween discussion. It was recorded back at the beginning of Oct. If you’d like to see the outcome of all of this Halloween talk, here’s the pictures and run down of Mark’s 2007 Halloween party www.marks-english-school.com/news/2007halloween/
Kenny has left the building and someone has to teach his children’s class that starts in 10 minutes. Mark has asked Clive to cover the lesson and Clive is in a panic. Luckily, Clive has 10 minutes to get some advice and Mark offers a few ideas for what you can do in this situation; assessing levels, activities with no materials, describing items, phonics, singing and more. There’s enough information to teach 4-5 hours without a lesson plan!
More info on the exercise game: www.mes-english.com/games/gamestoplay.php

Kenny has done it again and is looking to get fired. This time he’s gone home with the sniffles and Clive needs someone to cover an adult class that starts in … you guessed it! 10 minutes. Well, Mark has agreed to do it, but is concerned that’s there’s no lesson plan and he doesn’t want to look like an idiot. So, Clive gives Mark a few ideas for things he can do for assessing the class’s level to activities that can be done on the fly; soap operas, quiz games, current events, writing prompts, and a few other ideas.
If you have some ideas for things teachers can do in this situation, please share. Visit the ESL Teacher Talk forums and post your ideas or comments!

Game of the Week: GOTW challenge

You have 10 minutes and the clock is ticking… Put you ideas here.