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Teaching Phonics – spelling and order (Part 2)

Listen to the show.

It’s wet and wild in Japan. A Typhoon has landed and after the podcast Mark actually had to head out to do some volunteer fire fighter work.  Saving the day!

This week we’re back with part 2 of phonics order.  Mark and Ron finish off phonics and what order they teach things.  As well a that, they touch on some ideas for advanced phonics teaching and advanced learners.

Toward the end we touch on phonics for all ages and by the end of of a double header, we hope we have given you a few things to think about.  If you are setting out your phonics curriculum, maybe we’ve offered some direction.  if you already have your system set up, well … maybe you’ll get something from the show.

Discuss phonics and this show over at the ESL Teacher Talk forums.  (to register use this VIP code: 7575)

Game of the Week: Phonics Toss

This is a pretty easy game and designed for younger learners, but adults like to have fun as well.  All you need is your phonics flashcards (make your own if you need to) and a few balls (wads of paper will work.) It’s easy and people love it.  Happy teaching!