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Getting ‘Genki’ With It

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This show we welcome Richard Graham from GenkiEnglish.com. Richard runs www.genkienglish.com and provides music, games and downloads for teachers. He tells us a bit about how he got started with music, what was behind the creation of his songs, and what new things are available over at GenkiEnglish.com.

Also, in case you were wondering, we do explain what ‘genki’ means 🙂

Richard also goes over some good ideas for how to teach songs, new words, sentences and delivery. He offers some suggestions for how to keep the excitement up throughout the lesson.

The second segment deals with how to get the students singing. Even if you can’t sing like an angel, there’s hope. Find out what you can do.

Visit GenkiEnglish.com: This site is a collection of games, songs and ideas for use by teachers of languages to children. 40+ themed lesson ideas complete with printable picture cards, online teaching guide video, recommended game and original song. Fully illustrated games to get the kids speaking in class.

You can also check out what’s going on with Richard Graham in his blog: Richard’s Diary

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Games of the Week: Mingle and Gorilla

Mingle is a great game for practicing questions related to numbers as answers. It is also a great way to get kids into groups.

Gorilla is a great game to get students moving and interested while you’re drilling flashcards. It’s a simple game and very effective for keeping the children engaged in the lesson.