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Setting up classes and getting the right levels together

Listen to the show.

Just when you thought the stores were putting out their Halloween stuff a little too early, Mark explains to you the market they’re after. Luckily, Halloween isn’t the topic of this September show. Don’t let the beginning make you think other wise.

Mark and Clive both run their own school and one of the more difficult problems with running your own school is getting classes together. Not only getting bodies in the door but also making sure those students are in good groupings with similar level and goal oriented students.

It’s a full house with Ron, Clive and Mark all chiming in on how they select textbooks, assess students’ levels, and how they deal with different age groups.

Mark’s carvings can be found about half way down this page.

Discuss the show and or pumpkin carving over at the ESL Teacher Talk Forum. (To register use this VIP code 7575.)

Check out Clive’s site ESLpodcards for listening resources for teachers with accompanying worksheets and transcripts.

Game of the Week: Fizz Buzz

Clive has brought the game of the week and it’s an adapted version of a British drinking game. While you technically could play it as a drinking game, we don’t recommend it 🙂 Instead, you can use the game to review vocabulary such as irregular verbs.

Mark, Clive and Ron give the game a go! Listen to the show to see who the winner are.