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Tips for Teaching Advanced Learners

Listen to the show.

Teaching advanced learners can often feel like tuning up a Ferrari. What do you do? How do you make those students run better? This week’s show brings back Chris Cotter from www.headsupenglish.com. Mark, Ron and Chris cover how to break bad habits, build vocabulary, use dictionaries, set goals, and keep students motivated.

Discuss the show over at the ESL Teacher Talk Forum. (To register use this VIP code 7575.)

Visit www.headsupenglish.com to find complete lesson plans and materials for upper-intermediate and advanced EFL/ESL learners. The materials are based on current events in the news – what we and our students are talking about.

Game of the Week: Conversation Excitifier

This week’s GOTW is a great way to excitify dialog practice. You don’t need any extra materials, just your dialog and your students! The activity can be adapted to discussions on different topics or themes for more advanced learners.

I must say, this week’s GOTW is excitifying!