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Teaching holidays

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Even though it’s February, happy New Year!  Valentine’s Day is on the way and Mark has a new site with some cool teacher tools.  Print With My Pic.com allows you to add your photo to cards, calendars or certificates.  Since Valentine’s is just around the corner, why not send your Valentine a card with your photo!

This week’s show is about teaching holidays.  Every time a holiday rolls around it seems like we should be teaching or working with those holidays and seasons.  This show we discuss ways to teach holidays with beginners to advanced students.

  • new vocabulary or vocabulary that doesn’t go well in other places
  • low level classes, crafts and activities for these classes
  • worksheet and listening ideas
  • using the holidays as a chance to teach a bit about different cultures
  • using the holiday to dress up your current content
  • working with readings or holiday backgrounds
  • advanced speaking tasks associated with holidays
  • using video segments from Hollywood for discussion
  • discussing the differences between how holidays are celebrated in different places around the world

For Valentine’s and other holiday materials, check out the teacher printables at MES-English.com.

If you have any other tips or advice for other teachers out there on teaching holidays, we’d love to hear from you. Please post your comments here or over on the ESL Teacher Talk forums!


Game of the Week: Last Card out
This is a simple vocabulary review game or for practice after drilling.  You just need your flashcards and a group of students.  We also explain how this game can be adapted for use with small children to adults.

Thanks for listening!