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Season 3 Premiere – Dream English

Listen to the show.

Welcome back for Season 3 of ESL Teacher Talk!  If you’re new to ETT, then … just Welcome! 🙂

In Season 3 we have a new co-host, Matt of Dream English.com.  With Matt and the other ETT co-hosts, we hope to cover some smaller areas of teaching English.  We will be focusing on teaching specific grammar points, how we teach them, how we explain them, and how we practice them.

We will still have a Game of the Week with each episode as well!

But for the Season 3 premiere, we get to know a little about our new cohost, Matt, and Matt has some really cool things on the web for you.  Matt is the creator of Dream English.com which has songs, flashcards, chants, and supporting teaching materials for teachers to effectively use music in your lessons.

That’s not all, Matt also has a site called Free ABC Songs.com where you can find traditional English songs that you can also use in your lessons or with your own children!

There’s also a section in the podcast that introduces a cool new site, 123 Listening.com.  This is a collaborative effort between Mark’s site, MES-English.com and Dream English.com.  It has free listening tests, test audio and worksheet makers where you can make your own listening tests.
We’d love to hear how you use you music in your classes or any questions you might have about 123 Listening.com, Dream English.com or Free ABC Songs.com. Post them here or over at the ESL Teacher Talk forums. Ask questions or leave comments about the show.  You can also just pop-in and introduce yourself.  We’d love to know who’s listening.
Thanks for listening!

Game of the Week: Spiders and Candy

This was a game originally developed for 1 and 2 years old.  However, after a few years of using this game, Mark has tried some variations with older students and adults.  It was very successful and Mark explains what to do.  It can be used with small classes of any age but for older students it can be adapted for larger classes.  You can find printables for this game at the games section of MES-English.com.  There’s also a written out explanation of the game there as well.

Happy teaching!