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The Communicative Approach

Listen to the show.

This is the end of Season 2 here at ESL Teacher Talk.  This week we talk about the communicative approach.
We cover:

  • what the communicative approach is
  • the theory behind the communicative approach and what it’s supposed to do
  • the 5 main points of the communicative approach
  • how the communicative approach can be used in your lessons
  • what are the main benefits, claims, and criticisms of the method

We’d love to hear how you use the communicative approach. Post them here or over at the ESL Teacher Talk forums. Ask questions or leave comments about the show.

Thanks for listening!  and we’ll be back soon with Season 3!

Game of the Week: Two Stories

This a communicative game from http://bogglesworldesl.com.  Two students are given articles.  The students read the articles themselves.  Then, they retell/summarize the information to their partner.  At the end. there are some follow up questions for each article to measure how well the information was exchanged.