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Teaching the Past Tense

Listen to the show.

Mark starts off the show with a description of a few new things MES English has to offer its users.  In the show Mark has gone over his speaking first curriculum and now some of that is listed on the MES English website with links to all of the resources and additional resources you might need.

There are also some new teaching videos at MES-TV.  There are straight vocabulary videos, questions and answer videos as well as interactive question only videos. These are great for non-native teachers and teachers that just want to expose their students to another voice.  Check them out – http://tv.mes-english.com

This show deals with teaching the past tense. The main points of the podcast are:

  • when should we teach the past tense?/What age is too young?
  • How do Mark and Matt introduce the past tense to students
  • what are some ways in the beginning to avoid the complications of irregular verbs
  • ideas for content when teaching the past tense
  • how to practice the past tense

There are quite a few games and activities listed in the show, 4-5, I believe.  So, this show there is no designated game of the week section, but we hope some of the activities mentioned in the show will give you something to work with.

If you have any questions of comments about the show, please post them here or over on the ESL Teacher Talk Forums at MES-English.  We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for listening!