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Exam Preparation

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This week’s show we welcome John Marks from www.eltgames.com and www.langwichscool.com and we discuss exam preparation courses.

In this show we discuss some ideas on how to organize and exam prep course, what are some key points to include, how to maintain motivation, some ideas for the interview sections and more.

Mark avoids teaching test prep courses like the plague so if you’d just like some great tips on how to encourage students not to seek test prep lessons, this show is also for you 😛 .

John writes some ESL cartoons/comic strips which John also makes available for download and use in your lessons. Those can be found at Langwichscool.com

ELTgames.com is another site run by John with materials for different levels with games, group work and tasks for students and another section with communication activities.

If you have any comments or questions, post them here or over at the ESL Teacher Talk forums. Ask questions or leave comments about the show.

Thanks for listening!

Game of the Week: Rotating Interviews

This is an activity that would work well in exam preparation course and for regular lessons as well. This would work best with intermediate to advanced students, but adjustable for students levels. Some students become interviewers and other students are the interviewees. It’s a good activity to get students up and moving.