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The Silent Way in Language Teaching

Listen to the show.

We have a big show this week, so we get right into it.

Mark and Ron cover these points concerning the Silent Way methodology:

  • what is the Silent Way Method
  • key aspects of the Silent Method
  • how does the Silent Method work in class
  • using cuisenaire rods, colored blocks and instilling learner autonomy
  • criticism of the Silent Method and what we can do with it in class

The Silent Way is a very intriguing method and if you have any questions or anything to add about the silent method post your comments or questions over on the ESL Teacher Talk Forums.  We’re listening!

the Paper GameGame of the Week: the Paper Game

This is a pretty big game of the week.  It is Mark’s favorite game and the seed that started several games at MES-English which in turn started MES-English.  It’s the game that started it all!

It’s a communcative game that has students assume personalities.  The students interact and try to guess who the other student is.  It can be played with groups of 4 to 400.  It’s adaptable to all levels and goes over well with children and adults.  You can use the template to create your own board and there are game board makers that allow you to make boards using the same images from the MES-English flashcards.  Enjoy!