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Using a Projector in Classes

Listen to the show.

The new school year has started in Taiwan and Ron is back to work.

Easter and St. Patrick’s Day are upon us this month and Mark has some new materials for these holidays if you’re interested.

Easterflashcards, coloring, stickers, sticker charts, printable greeting cards, certificates, Easter bingo cards, an Easter board game and more!

St. Patrick’s Dayflashcards, coloring, stickers, sticker charts, printable greeting cards, certificates, bingo cards, a shamrock board game and more!

Have fun!

This week’s show is about using projectors in your classes.  The projector is a great tool for engaging the students and adding tchnology to your classes.  Ron’s school just added new projectors to the classroom and he’s all hyped up about them.

Ron and Mark offer ideas for what you can do with projectors, explain why it’s useful, how to use them in children’s, teen and adult classes .  There is also a warning section about problems and possible pitfalls with projectors in the classroom.

If you are using a projector already, hopefully this will give you a couple ideas to add to your lessons.  If you aren’t using a projector currently, maybe this will help when the day comes.

Discuss this show over on the ESL Teacher Talk forums.  Ask questions or leave comments about how you use a projector in your classes.

Thanks for listening!

The Game of the Week: Speed Dice and the Sentence Race

Mark has been enraptured with dice games for the past year or so and brings 2 games this week.  These are simple to prepare and can be used with children to adults, one-on-one classes to the dreaded 80+ classes as well.  We hope you can use the activity.

More dice games and a write up of these games.